You can create a new offer in a few minutes with your commercial identity by using existing all datas inside Tesla ERP like accounts, products, prices and send it on different languages without not even touching any email software.

Tesla ERP sends your offer on a commercial look and PDF attached.

All pricings including Product/Services, Discount, Tax and other financial values are calculated automatically during progress of creating offer.

You can immediately add TAX on differentt percents and you can check "Total Costs" and "Total Profits"

Offer List:

This module lets you to store and following all offers that have been sent by your company users including information; whom they have offered, which date it was, current status of offer.

You can simply create an offer by filling:

Offer Text, Customer, Offer Date, Validation Date and choosing products!

That's all!

Offer Following:

You can immediately send your offer without any mail programme, software or anything else and they are all stored on "Offer Reports" by which email address it's sent, including all details!

Offer Confirmation:

If your offer is accepted, you can immediately build an invoice related with offer by using all products exists on offer..

Offer Cancellation:

If your offer is rejected, you can define "cancellation reason" on offer to analyse and keep tracking of what was caused customer not to accept.

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