Cloud ERP

  • Tesla ERP is a "Cloud ERP" solution.

    Tesla ERP can be used on any size of enterprises or organizations as completely functional with 14 languages available in support!
    It's 100% smart device friendly, and you can use it on any kind of device such as tablets, smartphones or other gadgets.

    Main purpose of the software is simple: "Time is precious!".

    Tesla ERP lets you to manage your business on completely commercial and technological way.

    Once you integrate Tesla ERP through your business, Tesla ERP starts to develope being "core" of the enterprise. Main benefits of Tesla ERP are;

    * You can reach your business without physically being there.
    * You can manage multiple companies/offices which are located on different places, different teams on a single platform.
    * You don't need to buy servers, pay for their expenses, maintanance, licenses or anything else.
    * It's not like a usual "Computer Softwares".
    * Once you leave your office desk, you are still connected with your business.
    * It's secured than your personal or work computer.
    * You don't need to care about if your computer gets infected by virus or lose data on hardware problems.
    * We care about your data!

    Isn't it important to keep your data alive without any trouble?

    Organizational benefits of Tesla ERP are;

    * All teams could work completely informed of each other's act based on permissions, so that noone needs to ask a question to each other.

    * Tesla ERP provides you completely watching your past, present and future on your organization, customers and collagues at the same time.

    * Tesla ERP provides you store all data in a single platform;

    Accounts, Customers, Calendars, Appointments, Communications, Messages, Tasks, Offers and more!

    You don't need to check many places to find what you seek!

    You don't need softwares or tools like Office, Calculator, Stick Notes!

    * Tesla ERP helps your organization to be a "nature friendly"

    No more papers, no more writings. All clean!

    * Tesla ERP informs you everything happens on your organization by mail.

    Even you are not logged through Tesla ERP, you are still keep informed about everything happening around.

    * Tesla ERP avoids "mistakes" and make people focus on their "work".

    People are wasting too much time on easy but tiring things due to their work flow.

    We just want you to focus your work, not time taking things.

    * Tesla ERP users doesn't hear complains like;

    - "I forgot to do my work!"
    - "Whom should I talk today?"
    - "Where I will go for appointment?"
    - "What is our schedule for this month?"
    - "What was my task?"
    - "What are the details for this customer?"
    - "Who gave offer to this customer?"
    - "Sorry! I didn't receive your mail."

    * Tesla ERP is a Social Software.

    Every employee has a profile like Facebook and you can find everything related with that user by only 1 touch.

    * Tesla ERP provides you to track your existing or potencial customers.

    If you don't know your past, you can't think about your present and future.

    You can check every details and make decisions so much easier and based on "true scenario".

    * Human memory is not perfect!

    Starting from 1st day of Tesla ERP usage, you will have a great knowledge about everything related with your company and employees, you don't even need to memorize!

    * Permissions

    We care your privacy between users and departments for keeping commercial datas as safe.

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